East St. Olaf Cemetery
East St. Olaf Lutheran Church
6200 County Rd. 3 SW
Byron, MN  55920
Located 1 Mile North
of Rock Dell
Telephone: 507-365-8222
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  This directory has been developed for informational purposes and as a guide for those looking for a particular gravesite.

If you find incorrect information, please let someone on the committee know so that it can be corrected.

The intent of the directory is not to upset or offend anyone, but to be helpful in your search.

There are 4 sections. Section A is the original. Section B and C are to the north of the center driveway. Section Z is the Zion Cemetery located 1/4 mile south of the church. There a few marked unknown. These are burials believed to be here with locations unknown.

NOTE: If you have found information on Ancestry or Find a Grave, the numbers found there have no correlation to the actual location of the grave. These numbers came from a group that surveyed the cemetery in the 1970’s with no input from us.

Cemetery Committee
Doyle Jorgenson
Tom Myhre
Randy Robinson

Lowell Gilbertson