West St. Olaf Cemetery
  Click here to view records West St. Olaf Lutheran Church
70640 260th Ave.
Hayfield, MN  55940
Located 2 miles North, 1 mile East
and a 1/4 mile North of Oslo
Telephone:  507-365-8620

  This directory has been developed for informational purposes and as a guide for those looking for a particular gravesite.

If you find incorrect information, please let someone on the committee know so that it can be corrected. 507-365-8875

There are three sections to the cemetery.
  1. North of the church. This section contains plots numbered 1-192.
  2. South of, and behind the church to the egress road. This section contains plots 193-220 and Rows 1-14.
  3. South of the egress road. This section contains Rows A – T. Each row has 27 grave sites.
Each kiosk has a book which contains a complete listing of all sections. There are some burials that don't have a location listed. We believe they are buried here, but we don't know where because of incomplete information.

NOTE: If you have found information on Ancestry or Find a Grave, the numbers found there have no correlation to the actual location of the grave. These numbers came from a group that surveyed the cemetery in the 1970’s with no input from us.

Cemetery Committee
Robert Beaver
Gene Gulbransen
Scott Iverson
Craig Steinfadt
David Peterson

Lowell Gilbertson