East and West
St. Olaf Churches
East St. Olaf Lutheran Church
6200 County Rd. 3 SW
Byron, MN  55920
Located 1 Mile North
of Rock Dell
Telephone: 507-365-8222
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West St. Olaf Lutheran Church
70640 260th Ave.
Hayfield, MN  55940
Located 2 miles North, 1 mile East
and a 1/4 mile North of Oslo
Telephone:  507-365-8620

West St. Olaf Christian Education

Our Sunday School is named West J.A.M. - Jesus And Me. The calendar coincides with the public school calendar, and meets from September through May for one hour each Sunday. The curriculum is organized using the Workshop Rotation Model, which concentrates on teaching the major stories of the Bible through kid-friendly, multi-media workshops. Bible skills and games, art, drama, video, computer and music are all implemented as the children memorize Bible verses, hymns, the Apostles Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's Prayer. The children also do service projects, contribute to missions, and participate in church services.

Bible school is conducted for one week in the summer. Many of the children also attend Bible camps, attend youth gatherings, and go on mission trips. The children receive their first communion when they are in the 5th grade. In the 7th grade, the students at East and West St. Olaf combine as one class and begin confirmation instruction.

Worship Schedule
Sunday at 9:00 AM

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West J.A.M.